Invite Your Team to CorrigoPro

Good News: Adding subcontractors, employees and technicians is fast, simple and free.

Simplified Communications

  • CorrigoPro will make working with your customers, and complying with their processes, fast and easy
  • All communications for service requests flow through CorrigoPro:
    • Before and after photos
    • Jobsite check-in and check-out
    • Real-time job status updates
  • Easy-to-use mobile app puts all the information in one place

Complete Control. Total Visibility.

  • You determine who’s visible to your client on each job
  • All client communications in CorrigoPro feature your company only
  • Increased visibility into where your subcontractors are, what they’re working on and how they’re performing
  • Single source for all communications with your accounts – from service requests to invoicing and everything in between
  • Total control over pricing – subcontractors can’t see pricing but can provide the information you need to request higher NTE for a job

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