Welcome to the CorrigoPro Network!


I received an invitation email from a customer. How do I register?

Thank you for your interest in CorrigoPro! Here’s how to register:

• Open the email you received and click on the “Click Here to Register” link.
• You’ll be taken to a page with all the information you need.

After you register, you’ll begin receiving invitations to valuable events like upcoming webinars where you can learn how to maximize your CorrigoPro experience to better manage, market, and grow your business.

Why do you need my credit card information?

Your CorrigoPro network account will be billed monthly to the credit card on file. Your credit card is also used to establish secure authentication through your provider – meaning you can trust in the integrity of your CorrigoPro network account.

You will be billed only for accepted work orders you receive through CorrigoPro, and can change your service selections (including canceling your CorrigoPro membership) at any time.

As a CorrigoPro, you may also sign up for optional services that will be billed according to your agreement.

For more information about costs and billing with CorrigoPro, attend the convenient webinars you’ll be invited to.

Why should I join the CorrigoPro network?

The Corrigo platform, including the CorrigoPro network, is trusted by over 1 million users at many of the world’s most sophisticated companies. Here’s why.

When you connect to Corrigo through the CorrigoPro platform, everyone wins – you and your customer.

CorrigoPro is much more than a connection to your existing Corrigo customers. It’s also an easy-to-use and powerful way to manage, market, and grow your business.

Corrigo spends as much time and money enhancing our platform to support you as we do enhancing our platform to support your customer. CorrigoPro gives you access to powerful, easy-to-use software and mobile apps that help you manage your customer with less overhead. Our mobile apps make work order management and customer communications easier to manage. New jobs and real-time status updates are organized within our easy-to-use online portal. Hours of phone tag and piles of paperwork are eliminated.

CorrigoPro also offers powerful insights into your team’s performance. You get the same data about your response times, work order verification feedback, and other elements of customer satisfaction that your customer gets from Corrigo. You have the power to manage your customer, team, and cash flow better than ever.

With your CorrigoPro membership, you’ll be seen by other Corrigo users looking for top-rated, quality service providers who are already connected to Corrigo.

When you join CorrigoPro, you gain access to a team of CorrigoPro experts who will get you connected, teach you how to get the most out of the system for your business, and help you make the transition easy.

We are glad to assist and appreciate the opportunity to support the continued success of your business.

Do my clients still pay me directly?

Yes, your clients continue to pay you directly after you join CorrigoPro, as they do today.

Many service providers find that CorrigoPro’s electronic invoicing process means faster payments from customers and less time spent on collections. By eliminating misplaced invoices and lost paperwork, you save time and enjoy a streamlined billing process.

Where can I find training or personal demo to help me learn to use CorrigoPro?

Once you have registered for the CorrigoPro network, you have access to a library of training videos that will get you up to speed fast. You can learn tips and tricks to improve work order handling, ramp up your team, and much more. Just log into the CorrigoPro Desktop and click on the Support Center icon.

Be sure to set aside some time to visit these informative web-based training videos so you can start managing and growing your business with CorrigoPro right away.

How often will I be billed and when does billing start?

The value of your membership begins from the day you connect. You are visible on the network to all Corrigo clients in all Smart Zones you have selected from the date you register. You’ll be seen by other Corrigo users looking for top-rated, quality service providers who are already connected to Corrigo.

Your membership will be billed monthly for the work orders you receive and accept through the Corrigo Enterprise platform.

Can I export work orders from CorrigoPro into my existing software?

Yes, you can avoid manually retyping data into multiple systems and connect CorrigoPro with other systems you rely on.

CorrigoPro Direct is the easiest way to connect your in-house work order tool to CorrigoPro, giving you the flexibility to use the work order software you already know while enjoying all the benefits of CorrigoPro.

Invoice Import capabilities are also available to help you import invoices and invoice line items into the CorrigoPro invoicing app.

What are Smart Zones? Which ones should I sign up for? Will I be charged extra for my Smart Zones selections?

When selecting your Smart Zones, you give your prospective customers the chance to view your business profile and invite you to connect and get to work.

When filling out your Corrigo profile, be sure to sign up for the Smart Zones where you do business so that you’ll be visible to potential clients when they are searching for a provider in your area.

At this time, there is no charge for Smart Zones in the EMEA region.

What if I’m having trouble getting Corrigo emails?

When you add connect@corrigo.com to your email address book, you’ll always receive emails from Corrigo and your customers in the CorrigoPro Network.

CorrigoPro Direct

Do you like your existing work order management system? Then keep it! With CorrigoPro Direct, you can connect to the CorrigoPro Network with your existing systems. Never retype data from one system to another again, and take advantage of real-time work order data from the Corrigo platform to better serve all of your Corrigo customers. Now you can manage work orders and customer communication the way you want to, with one connection for all of your current and future customers.

“Once you use Corrigo, you wish all your clients had Corrigo. I’m trying to get my clients to switch. You want a fast turnaround on your work order – I suggest you use Corrigo.”
— Frank Herrera; Atlas Backflow, commercial plumbing & backflow for several Corrigo clients